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What processes exist to ensure that only authorized staff accesses the application?
DayOne relies on the Azure authentication module

How often are the accesses reviewed to ensure that only active users have access to it?
DayOne relies on the Azure authentication module, so in case a DayOne admin account was disabled – it will be prevented access immediately.

Does it have provision for 2FA for access?
DayOne relies on the Azure authentication module, so any conditional access settings configured by you will apply

Do users make changes using their primary accounts or with Service Accounts?
It is up to you to decide

Privileged Access

How does the DayOne app manage Privileged Access that allows people to make changes to its configuration?
DayOne has a list of Admins you can configure – Global Admins, Tenant Admins, and View-Only Admins.

What type of Privileged Access does the Day One application have to our AAD (and that of our peer)?
Microsoft Graph --> Application Permissions --> Group.Read.All, User.Invite.All, User.ReadWrite.All Exchange Online --> Service Account --> Mail Recipients

How are the credentials to remote systems secured?
These are encrypted within a DB of the application

What type of audit trails exist?
Any configuration update is written to an audit log

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