DayOne enables you to synchronize user objects between multiple Microsoft 365 users.
Configure connectivity using “connectors” with your own company and others' tenants.
Each connector defines the direction of objects synchronization (e.g. from other Microsoft 365 tenant to your own Microsoft 365 tenant), for full visibility to your collaborating entity’s Outlook / SharePoint / Teams seamlessly as if they were part of your company.
You can also enable object deletions, so once users in a connected tenants leave, they will be deleted from your tenant as well.

 DayOne handles automatically guest user invitations without overloading users with the need to accept these.
The form of displaying the users of other tenants are also at your control, so you can align all the users’ tenants display name with your naming conventions (e.g. First name, Last name). You will also have the ability to add prefix or suffix to your tenants users' objects as displayed in your directory to help your users distinguish them and internal employees.

3 Mouse Clicks

Add Admins to DayOne

Add Tenants

Configure Connectors

And you are ready to start collaborating

Secure by Design

We take security seriously!
DayOne is not a SaaS solution - You have the control to implement it as you prefer.

Built on top of Azure AD B2B provides the best of Azure security when granting guest access to your tenant.

Automatic & Continuous Sync

Running every 3 hours, DayOne automatically creates guest accounts in Azure AD and provides your employees an up to date and a unified Global Address List (GAL).

Azure AD B2B

Syncing additional attributes beyond Azure AD B2B defaults

Manage and control guests accounts

Distinguish between guests and your employees in the GAL

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