DayOne brings you seamless collaboration - Syncing GALs is not enough, true collaboration efficiency is reached only after taking down all the barriers

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Add Admins to DayOne

Add Tenants

Configure Connectors

And you are ready to start collaborating

Secure by Design

We take security seriously!
DayOne is not a SaaS solution - You have the control to implement it as you prefer.

Built on top of Azure AD B2B provides the best of Azure security when granting guest access to your tenant.

* See ou learn more about DayOne security

Automatic & Continuous Sync

Running every 3 hours, DayOne automatically creates guest accounts in Azure AD and provides your employees an up to date and a unified Global Address List (GAL)

Going the Extra mile  - Azure AD B2B

Syncing additional attributes beyond Azure AD B2B defaults

Manage and control guests accounts

Distinguish between guests and your employees in the GAL

Are you planning Cross-Tenant migration anytime soon?

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