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What is DayOne?
DayOne is a solution built on top of the Azure AD B2B platform that enables continuous object synchronization between multiple Office 365 tenants. The synced objects can appear in Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and can be assigned permissions in SharePoint Online or be added to Microsoft Teams.

Where can I download DayOne?
You can download DayOne from Azure Marketplace: https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/pro-vision.dayone?tab=Overview

How many Office 365 tenants can by synced using DayOne?
DayOne supports multiple tenants

Is DayOne syncing "onmicrosoft.com" domain?
DayOne does not support this type of domain

Identity Management

How is the application (Day One) configured for Identity Management?
DayOne does not perform identity management. The solution is performing object synchronization between Azure AD tenants.

Do customer staff have access or only Day One staff?
Only the customer IT (you) have access to DayOne. Pro-Vision does not have any access to the solution once installed in your Azure subscription.

What type of authentication is used?
OAuth is used to authenticate the Admins that manage DayOne settings

Has it been tested for security against improper access or subversion of access?

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