DayOne Collaboration Solution

Why do you need DayOne?

01 / FAST
  • Is your company working with Office 365?

  • Are you going through a process of a merger and acquisition (M&A)?

  • Do you have business partners or vendors running Office 365 with whom you need to collaborate or share documents while tracking and controlling external sharing for end users?

03 / EASY
  • Are you expected to enable your employees to seamlessly collaboration with partner users as if they are part of your organization - Allowing them instant messaging, view Exchange Free/Busy time, share calendars, secure emails, make Skype/Teams conference calls and more?

Microsoft Office 365 along with Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration provide a solution for these scenarios, and Pro-Vision’s DayOne enables you to build and manage it within a few mouse clicks!

DayOne is a user friendly and intuitive portal, based on a windows service running in Microsoft Azure cloud that connects to the Office 365 tenants you target.
You can access
DayOne using a web browser from your computer or your mobile device.



DayOne enables you to configure connectivity using a “connector” with your company and your partner’s Office 365 tenants. Each connector defines the direction of objects synchronization (e.g. from your partner Office 365 tenant to your company Office 365 tenant), so your users will be able to see your partner’s users in Outlook / SharePoint / Teams seamlessly as if they were part of your company.

You can also enable object deletions, so in case a user in your partner organization left he will be deleted from your tenant as well.


The form of displaying the users of your partner is also at your control, so you can align your partner users’ display name with your naming conventions (e.g. First name, Last name), if required, you can add prefix / suffix to your partner’s user objects as displayed in your directory to help your users distinguish them and internal employees.

DayOne provides graphical and informational statistics about user object synchronization for each of the connectors you configured – How many new objects were added? How many deletions? Were there any errors during the synchronization process?




Established in 2003, Pro-Vision are providers and integrators of end-to-end information systems. Working with market-leading organizations in private and public sectors, we partner our customers to understand their specific needs. We then define tailored and long-term strategies in cost-effective solutions.

Provided by a team of hand-picked Pro-Vision experts, our professional personnel support our customers throughout a project and are with you during integration.

While promoting organizational efficiency and employee performance, Pro-Vision’s standalone and integrated solutions leave room for growth and for expansion into tomorrow’s technologies.


We are providers of customized standalone and integrated software solutions that are designed to match organizational requirements. This enables increasing the capabilities of off-the-shelf systems and interfacing with other organizational solutions.


Our expertise include NodeJS, React, .Net and more.

OUR Software

DayOne is only one of our 'tailored to need' solutions.

A quick glance at Pro-Vision solutions currently in-place at enterprise organizations include:

  • Customer support service system based on email and routing service calls to different customer support representatives.

  • DayOne, a B2B collaboration infrastructure over an inter-organization shared Office 365 environment in a three-click friendly interface. This solution enables Microsoft Teams sharing, Free / Busy between organizations, display of user information in one combined address book (GAL) and more.

  • Management of DNS permissions according to IP segmentation whereby preventing the assignment of excessive permissions to the entire zone.



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Tel: 972-4-8211988

Khalamish 14, Industrial Park, Caesarea, Israel