Quick Start Guide


  1. Click on the "Connectors" option in DayOne menu

2. Click on the + button to add new connector

3. Once clicked on the + button this screen should appear on the screen, please choose the "source tenant" (sync objects from this tenant), "Destination tenant" (sync objects to this tenant).

Source Tenant – Sync users from this tenant

Destination Tenant – Sync users to this tenant

Active – Enable/Disable the sync operation for this connector

Sync Unlicensed Users – Sync users without any license inOffice365

Member[On] Guest[Off] – Whether synced users will be created as “Guests” or as “Members” in the target tenant

Deletion Enabled – Should users be deleted in the target tenant incase they are deleted in the source tenant (only users that were created by the connector will be deleted by it)

Deletion Threshold – If the number of users to be deleted are above this threshold no deletion will occur and a warning will be issued (0 is no limit)

Display Objects – Enable/Disable displayed synced users in the address books of the target tenant

Display Name – Should display name be synced as is or changed according to organization policy

Display Name Suffix – Will be added to all synced users in destination tenant

4. Each connector can have inclusions and exclusions of its own. You can import a list of emails into each of these settings using a text file that contains a single email address per line. Or be configured with Azure AD group as source, the group can be dynamic or assigned and you should configure the group object ID.

Exclusions – Users in this list will not be synced, if they have already been synced by this connector they will be deleted(if deletion is enabled and the number of objects to be deleted is within the threshold configured)

Inclusions – If this list contains users, only these will be synced, if this connector synced other users they will be deleted (if deletion is enabled and the number of objects to be deleted is within the threshold configured)

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